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Blog published date: May 21, 2015

Urwerk Offers Knight in Bold Armor

Urwerk is a brand we are proud to carry. The independent watch brand is all about bringing classic watchmaking to visionary new standards. Its designs and technical prowess are both cutting-edge and yet remarkably appealing. Such is the case with the newest UR-105 TA — fondly called the Urwerk Knight because its bezel evokes the breastplate of a knight’s armor, protecting the mechanism from the ravages of time.

The robust Knight measures time via Urwerk's well-known (and well-respected) satellite design, wherein four turbine-shaped disks — each with three numbers on it — rotate on satellites to indicate the hour. The satellites rotate along the minute rail and at the end of each hour, as soon as the hour changes, the minute counter jumps back to the beginning of the rail —picking up the next satellite with the advanced hour. It is all a highly precise and well-orchestrated dance of time.

The Turbine Automatic (the TA in the style number) movement features dual air turbines that help regulate the automatic movement. Visible via the case back, each air turbine is exquisitely finished in bead blasting. The watch offers three positions of operation: Full (any movement powers the mainspring); Reduced (which reduces the tension on the mainspring when the watch is in a resting mode); Stop (essentially disabling it). The concept is to keep the watch fully wound to the right torque at all times to provide absolute precision. This is a complex watch and one better seen in store, not only for the technical aspects, but also for the beauty. Stop in any time.

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