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Diamonds are valued based on their unique characteristics. These include carat, color, clarity and cut, also known as "The Four Cs."

  • Carat refers to weight
  • Color refers to how white in color the diamond is
  • Clarity refers to the presence, types and severity of internal flaws
  • Cut refers to the physical dimensions of the diamond

Other factors that influence the value of a diamond include polish, symmetry and fluorescence.

The difference of one grade in the cut or clarity of a diamond can impact its value by 10 percent or more. Because the grade can make such a significant difference in a diamond's value, buyers are often very conservative in determining a diamond's grade. More experienced buyers, like our gemologist, are more confident in giving the best possible grades. The higher the grades, the higher the value – which means a better offering price for buying your diamonds. If your diamond has been previously certified please be sure to bring the certificate with you.

The GIA (Gemological Institute of America) sets the industry standard for diamond grading. Because other certifying laboratories don't always adhere to the GIA's strict standards, their certificates aren't given the same respect as a certificate from the GIA. Most diamonds being certified usually weigh one carat or more. We can have your diamond certified, which can sometimes result in a higher offer.

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