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  • Care and Maintenance FAQs for your
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    What is the recommended service interval for my watch?

    Ulysse Nardin recommends that your timepiece be serviced every 3 to 5 years.  The interval between services is influenced by several factors, including frequency of use and climate.  A watch that is worn daily experiences more wear and tear on the movement parts and may require service closer to the 3 year interval, while a watch that is worn on special occasions may require service closer to the 5 year interval.

    What is included in a complete overhaul?

    • Dismantling, cleaning, assembly, oiling of the watch movement
    • Repair or replacement of worn or damaged movement parts
    • Timing and accuracy corrections as per Ulysse Nardin standards
    • Casing and checking of the various functions
    • Replacement of crown, push-buttons, gaskets, (if applicable)
    • Restoration of water resistance to factory specifications
    • Refurbishment of case and bracelet to factory specifications

    I wear my watch diving and swimming - how often should I have it tested for water-resistancy?

    Ulysse Nardin watch cases and their components are assembled to provide water-resistancy to the depth indicated on the case. All crystals, crowns, pushers, bezels and caseback are fitted with gaskets to enhance this feature.

    If you wear your watch regularly for diving and/or swimming a water-resistancy test is recommended on a yearly basis.

    I’m going to send my watch in for service. Are there any special instructions?

    Please package your watch carefully (do not send the watch box) and insure the shipment. We recommend to send the watch by FEDEX, UPS, DHL or Postal Service (any carrier which will require a signature to show/prove that the delivery was received). You may wish to contact the appropriate tax and customs regulatory agency for your region/country to confirm that your package complies with local laws. Please include a letter detailing the problem that you're experiencing with the watch, along with complete contact information (name, address, telephone/FAX numbers, e-mail).

    Do not hesitate to contact your Service Center or the Ulysse Nardin Head Office After Sales Department if in doubt regarding special shipping instructions and tax information.

    Upon receipt of your timepiece, our watchmakers will examine it and an estimate of the cost of repair will be prepared and sent to you for your approval. All repair work is performed on a prepayment basis. Upon receipt of your signed approval repairs will commence. Once the repairs have been concluded and your payment for the repairs has been received, your timepiece will be returned to you.


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