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Odoo has been upgraded to vers [...]

Ara J. Darakjian
- 07/07/2019 14:30:22

Odoo has been upgraded to version 10.saas~15.

What's new in this upgrade?

  • Accounting:

    • Pro-forma invoices are now handled through sale orders
    • Add a payment receipt report that can be sent by mail
    • New "Consolidated Journals" report
    • Switzerland localisation: Support for ISR/BVR generation and postal bank accounts
  • Stock:

    • No more global push/pull rules
  • eCommerce:

    • New dashboard
    • New feature: Product Comparison
    • New feature: Whishlist: Let returning shoppers save products in a wishlist
  • Quality:

    • Quality checks and alerts on picking
    • General improvements
  • Studio:

    • You can now edit search views
    • Your website forms are now editable in Studio
  • Usability:

    • Improve settings wizards
    • Support multi attachment upload in chatter
    • Separate personal and shared favorite filters in search views

Enjoy the new Odoo Online!