How to Buy Your Perfect Diamond

The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) sums up well how to buy a diamond wisely in their online education center and it's worth repeating here for you as you begin your own diamond buying journey.

  1. Choose a jeweler as you would choose a doctor. He or she should be armed with expert training, open to questions and able to provide answers in clear, simple language.
  2. Understand the 4Cs of diamond quality. This basic knowledge will not only unlock the mystery of a diamond's quality, it will help you understand a diamond's value and price. Download our Diamond Buying Guide here.
  3. Insist on a Diamond Grading Report. A diamond grading report from an unbiased, scientific source such as GIA is more than important information, it's proof of what you are purchasing. The differences in diamonds can be so subtle, even a trained jeweler can't recognize them without lab verification. Insist that any diamond you buy come with an indisputable verification of its quality.
  4. Protect your purchase. Have your diamond appraised and insured. Appraisers and insurers rely on diamond grading reports to accurately evaluate the value of gems. As an additional measure, every Darakjian diamond is laser-inscribed with its GIA report number, to provide verification if it is ever lost or stolen.



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