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Blog published date: Nov 23, 2015

6,600-Year-Old 24-Karat Gold Pendant May Be the World's Oldest Bling


A 6,600-year-old 24-karat gold pendant found at the archaeological site of Solnitsata in Bulgaria could be the world's oldest bling.

The 2-gram pendant reflects the skill of a complex prehistoric society — possibly one of the first to work out how to process and produce gold goods, according to Professor Vassil Nikolov of the National Institute and Museum of Archaeology of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.

"What's interesting regarding the gold jewel... is that it wasn't discovered inside one of the graves but between them, which might testify to some kind of a more special ritu [...]

Blog published date: Dec 3, 2015

Understanding Titanium Timepieces

titanium watch

As the watch industry reaches out of its own comfort zone and into the worlds of aviation, motorsports and other high-tech realms, a new breed of watches is emerging. That new breed is one where new materials come into play for watch cases, bracelets and even dials.

Among the most frequently used alternative (to steel and the noble metals) materials on the market today are titanium, ceramic, carbon fiber, aluminum (aluminum alloys) and polycarbonate, or resin. Within each of these categories, the materials are not all treated equally. Over the coming weeks, we will delve mor [...]

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