About us


John Darakjian (known to his friends as JD), an Armenian immigrant whose life embodied the American dream, built Darakjian Jewelers on four basic principles: hard work, customer service, honesty, and integrity. These are the core values we still hold to this day.

1956 – The Journey Begins

John Darakjian at his first store

John Darakjian immigrated to America and landed in Detroit, Michigan, where he decided to build his life and his business.

1964 – Doors Open

JD opened his first jewelry store—Darakjian Jewelers—in the landmark Metropolitan Building in Downtown Detroit.

1960s & 1970s – Darakjian Jewelers Grows

Darakjian Jewelers built a client base of 150 stores by concentrating our efforts on custom orders and repairs. At the time, JD himself often worked 20-hour days stating, "You can’t sacrifice business for a time; you have to sacrifice time for business. The harder you work, the better your life will be."

1980 – Two New Stores

Darakjian Jewelers opened two stores during the 1980s and became a noticeable presence in the community. A true family man, JD raised his two sons while building his business and brand. Darakjian Jewelers expanded and opened a state-of-the-art jewelry store in Southfield, Michigan where JD himself trained dozens of employees and built a solid reputation in the area.

2013 – Grand Opening

Darakjian Jewelers’ brand new flagship storefront opened in Birmingham Michigan with a gala event.

Present – The Darakjian Experience

Today, Darakjian Jewelers is known throughout the United States and Europe. We’ve become ambassadors of the most prestigious brands of watches and jewelry in the world while maintaining our roots as a service-oriented local business. In store and online, we help our guests daily to celebrate and commemorate the important moments of their lives