"Growing up, my parents handed down the values of honest, hard work to all their children.  We were taught that if you could build something with your hands, you’d never go hungry."
—Simon G

With only $200 in his pocket when he first arrived in America, his dream of engineering college was out of reach for Simon G.

Fortunately, he had a relative in the nearby diamond district of New York who gave him work and a chance to save up for school.
Simon quickly realized he loved the entire process of working with jewelry, from design to finish.

He began designing in his spare time, and took a trip to California that would change his life. He met his wife, and started selling his designs.
Before long, he had his own studio. Fun fact: The City Clerk told him his last name was too long! Hence, Simon G.

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Hand-Crafted Rings

Every ring crafted by our jewelers starts with a clear creative vision. From the metal and gemstones to the cuts, style, and settings — Simon G. combines inspired designs with master craftsmanship.

Engagement Rings

These stunning engagement rings from Simon G's Neo Collection boast filigree details underneath the center stone and diamonds that extend down the sides of this ring make it far from ordinary.